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Colorful Rainbows the Elements of Art

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K-2 Students are working on an Rainbows.  They have to remember not to contaminate the other colors so their rainbows look vibrant and beautiful.  Mission accomplished.  They learned a song that helps them remember: “Every time you need a new color you rinse your Brush, Then you give it a little Squish.”

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K-2 then took their rainbos and learned about space; specifically negative space and how you can create lines using negative space.  Now they have all types of lines, wavy, zigzag and straight.  The students reflected after the project and decided that this art project uses these elements of art: color, line, and space.  Great job K-2!

Electives Session I are Fun! 2014-15

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Yoga with teacher Julie is SWEEET! We are learning about Flexibility and the benefits of Yoga.



photo (2) photo (1) photo 3    What will Teacher Marty and the “Food Detectives” discover about the food we eat.  Especially those marked with interesting Buzz Words like “all-natural, organic, or even Zero- Trans-fat.”


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In HipHop/Jazz/Tap/Fitness these Fresh Dancin Owls are boogeyin on Down.  Can’t wait to see what they’ve got for us this year at Our Electives Fair.  Thanks Teacher Andrea!


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Tae Kwon Do instructor Ms. Elizabeth Goyer and Master Tony Morris of Asheville Sun Soo teach their students with positive safe words.  Thanks so much for being at Francine Delany New School.  Asheville Sun Soo is the Best!


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Richmond takes his Drawing Elective outside.  Students are learning the techniques and skills to be great Artists in Richmonds Drawing Elective.


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Finally we have Basketball Elective.  Coach Craig is preparing his players for our Teacher/Student Basketball game.  Will they have the technique and skill to defeat their Amazing Super Athletic Teachers at this years Electives Fair?? They will if Coach Craig has anything to say about it.