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Art Specialist

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3-5th Grades have been working on Landscapes based on the Art of Ted Harrison.  He uses the elements of line to define the elements of color and  shape which inturn creates beautiful landscapes. The students drew their landscapes with lines of glue then filled in the shapes (after glue has dried) with chalk pastels.  They have great space and depth.  Beautiful Landscapes!

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5th Grade. Click the image to get a closer view.

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3rd Grade was extra creative with color and had some cosmic things happening!  Intergalactic! Plantetary!

4th Grade coming soon.

Art Specialist

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Our K-2nd used shapes to design these very creative images.  They each got a sheet of paper with 2 rectangles, 2 long ovals, a triangle, a square, and a circle and were able to create some very origninal works of Art.  Way to Go Friends!

Health/Movement with Miri and K-2

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In Health/Movement Miri and K-2 had a lot of fun.  They got to do excercises that use team work to hold stuffed animals between each other.  They also got to do movement activities using large pieces of cloth to dance with.  These students definitely moved.  We love your Class Miri.  Thanks for all you do.

Health/PE with Marty in 3-5th Grades

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In Health/PE with Marty the 3-5th grade classes got to do the Hero Hustle. The Hero Hustle is an obstacle course that goes through the nature trail behind the school over the Gaga pit, and through the playground.  The students had a blast running it.  Great Job Everyone.

Whole School Gathering with our Sister School from Vallodolid, Mexico

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Our Whole School Gathering welcoming teachers from our Sister School in our Sister City of Vallodolid Mexico was beautiful.  Our students sang for our Guest Teachers. The Music was Warm and Welcoming which is how we hope our Special Guest felt. Bienvenidos!


Movement Specialist

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Giles our Movment Specialsist took the students to “Ancient Greece” in Movement and had the student doing as the Greeks did in the Ancient Olympics.  Our students  have great FORM, one of the elements of dance and movement.  You know what they say, “When in Rome…. I mean Greece.”  Nice Javelin throwing Friends.

Sean and some FDNSC Music


Sean already has 5th Grade Groovin on our Orff instruments as well as percussion.  The students love music and understanding how it works is even better.  Thanks for showing us Sean!


Movement with Giles and Susan of Asheville Contemporary Dance Theater

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Susan Observes as her 4th graders practice Movement concepts: shadowing, mirroring, echoing, puppet master, and slug touch.  The students learn to be so expressive in their movements.  They are So Graceful.  Thanks Susan!


Giles leads our Kindergarten in some warm-up movements.  They learn to feel safe and express themselves.  Giles is so Amazing at leading our Kindergartners. Thank you Giles!


Music Specialists with new Teacher Sean

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Music Specialist with Sean our new Music teacher is so cool.  We are learning about tempo and rhythm and get to use drum sticks to learn to count quarter and eighth notes.  The Sean is our new FD Celebrity, students always shout out when they see him.  Thanks for being here Sean.

Spanish Specialists with Teacher Emma from Lango

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Our students have so much fun in Spanish Specialists with Ms. Emma our amazing new teacher from LangoAsheville.  They learn and remember so much Spanish through kinesthetic (movement) learning, as well as games and Art activities.