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Session I Electives Fair was AWESOME!

IMG_3108 We had our Annual Student/Teacher/Parent Basketball Game… it was TOO close to call, great game though.Coach Craig was proud of his students team.  Everyone had a Great time.

IMG_3110 Then we moved inside and got to hear some disturbing info about some of the food we eat from our Food Detectives Elective. Teacher Marty and the students told us all kinds of stuff about processed food and what those weird ingredients are…. Be aware of all that you eat!..

IMG_3122 Then Teacher Julie of the Yoga elective helped students demonstrate some of their amazing stretches.  They also told us about the benefits of Yoga.  Sign me Up!

IMG_3155 Then Amy Dexter of Asheville Sun Soo Tae Kwon Do came by for our other Tae Kwon Do instructor  Elizabeth Goyer (who couldn’t make it this day) to demostrate all that the Tae Kwon Do Electives Students had learned in Ms. Goyer’s Class. Talk about power. These students were very impressive. Great Job!

IMG_3165 IMG_3167

IMG_3169 IMG_3166Finally in Drawing Elective, the students put up an exhibition of all the Art they were able to create during their Drawing Elective with Teacher Richmond.