Session 3 Electives Begin.


Soccer Clinic with Coach Carolyn and Coach Audrey was fun on our first day.  We got to know each other and learned a few fun soccer concepts. Thanks for being here Coach Carolyn and Audrey.  

Our 8th Grade took the Asheville Greenworks Component of their Service Elective.  They will also be doing some work with RiverLink. Today they watched a video about environmental issues as well as walking around our campus and seeing and learning about non-native species, and other plant life and in our area.  Thanks to Forest and Christine of Asheville Greenworks for coming by and teaching us about these issues in our world and environment.

We also had Richmond of Richmond Studios come by to teach his Printmaking Galore Elective. The students will be learning many different and fun printmaking techniques. On this first day they are working on images that show polar opposites, like night and day or hot and cold.  Thanks for teaching us Richmond.

Coach Craig came for a very excited group of Ultimate Frisbee players.  Thanks coach and have fun.

Finally CJ came by for his Mixed Movement class. They talked about all different forms of movement from around the world like Capoeira, Yoga, Tai Chi, and improvisation contact movement.  thanks for being here CJ.

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