Archives for March 2015

Music Special with Sean


In Music with Sean the students practiced rhythm and tempo first by clapping and then using our Orff instruments.  It was fun to play a song to the beat. Thanks Sean.

Art Specialists: Valentine’s Day 

In Art we did torn paper landscapes for our background. Then we made our Valentines Trees by tracing and cutting out our hands and stapling small strips of paper for the hearts. For our 3D hearts we folded our short strip of paper (3-4 in.) in half then stapled about a quarter inch in from the folded side. After that we gently unfolded the open end and stapled that together to complete our 3D hearts which were then edge dipped in glue and put onto the hand tree.  Some students came up with nice little details like birds and clouds.

8th Grade Service Elective: Asheville Greenworks

A group of our 8th graders worked with Christine Brown and Forest Tapley of Asheville Greenworks. They are working on removing non-native species from trees on the Francine Delany Nature Trail.  They also dug out some privet which takes valuable nutrients from our beautiful trees.  They learned how to identify different types of non-native ivy as well as bittersweet a vine that chokes trees. Thanks Christine and Forest.

Art Specialist

In honor of Black History Month we are designing our own story quilts based on the art of Faith Ringgold.  The students were very excited to think about an image that tells a story of a time in their lives.  First they will paint an image on Muslin cloth that tells a story then on the same type of cloth they will paint designs that will become swatches that complete the look of a quilt. All this will then be glued to a piece of felt as the backing.  We discussed History and how we celebrate different parts of our history at different times of the year. The students thought it was important to mention that all history is important all year despite the race, culture or ethnicity. What an insightful group of students. We’ll be post more pics as we work on our projects.