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8th Grade Service Elective with: Riverlink, Asheville Greenworks, and Mountain True


This past Electives day the 8th graders went to the Hominy Creek Greenway to help cleanup the riverbanks by removing an invasive species growing up and down the riverbanks and replacing them with riverbirch trees.  It was hard work but a great deal of fun. The invasive species was called Japanese knotweed and it has a very simple root system which does not protect the riverbank the way a plant with a complex root system would. The riverbirch trees are a native species and are ideal for protecting our rivers and riverbanks when water levels rise. Students also learned about flooding in our area and what contributes to flooding, like impervious surfaces such as paved parking lots which send tons of water running across the top of the surface instead of it being absorbed into the ground.  Great work 8th grade, and thank you to Adam of Riverlink, Forest of Asheville Greenworks, and Anna of Mountain True for this great experience and collaboration.

Asheville Greenworks on FD Nature Trail Clean-up


This week Asheville Greenworks led a new group of students in some invasive species removal and discussion of how these species have changed our landscape.  We had a lot of fun with Christine of AVL Greenworks and doing this work.  Thanks to Asheville Greenworks.

Art Specialist with Chris



In Art students worked on story quilts based on the art of Faith Rinngold.  There were many beautiful designs.  We used muslin cloth to paint and color our story images and pattern swatches. Then we glued them on to a colored piece of felt.  Many of our students entered their work into the Voices of the River Art and Poetry contest.     We had three big winners. You can come see the art show on Saturday April 18 at 2pm at AB Tech’s Holly Library. Thank you Riverlink.

Movement with Giles and Susan of Ashveille Contemporary Dance Theater


Giles works  on our Spring Performance with the fifth-grade students.  The show is called the Environmental Awareness Movement Project (EAMP).  Our Music and Art Specialists will be collaborating in production of this piece.  Sean our Music Specialist will be composing a soundscape with our students to dance to.  In Art, Chris and students will be creating their costumes of recycled material for the show. This performance will happen on FD campus May 14 at 6:30pm. We are very excited for this one.