8th Grade Service Elective with: Riverlink, Asheville Greenworks, and Mountain True


This past Electives day the 8th graders went to the Hominy Creek Greenway to help cleanup the riverbanks by removing an invasive species growing up and down the riverbanks and replacing them with riverbirch trees.  It was hard work but a great deal of fun. The invasive species was called Japanese knotweed and it has a very simple root system which does not protect the riverbank the way a plant with a complex root system would. The riverbirch trees are a native species and are ideal for protecting our rivers and riverbanks when water levels rise. Students also learned about flooding in our area and what contributes to flooding, like impervious surfaces such as paved parking lots which send tons of water running across the top of the surface instead of it being absorbed into the ground.  Great work 8th grade, and thank you to Adam of Riverlink, Forest of Asheville Greenworks, and Anna of Mountain True for this great experience and collaboration.

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