FDNSC 8th Grade Graduation

This years 8th Grade class will be moving on to new high schools. Some to Asheville High, some to Silsa, and others to other high schools around the county, but wherever they go we wish them all the best.   


The Seventh grade presented the 8th Graders with their traditional Graduation hats which each year’s Seventh grade students design out of pizza boxes for each 8th Grader.


Kindergaten sang a song to 8th grade about making new friends. Too cute.


Then 1st and 2nd Grade sang a song for them, “ain’t no mountain high enough, ain’t no river low enough to keep me away from you.”  What a great gift.


The 3rd Grade sang a song written by an 8th grader when he was in 3rd Grade.  What a great surprise.  


The 4th Grade read an inspiring poem.


5th Grade presented the 8th Graders with a special mirror to hang in their lockers when they arrive in their new schools.


The 6th Graders delivered inspiring poems to each individual 8th graders using many beautiful descriptions connected to nature and the journey of a river.


8th Grade then sang a song and delivered their 8th Grade last Wills and Testaments leaving behind candy to siblings and kind gestures of appreciation to teachers and students.  


In conclusion we close out with a beautiful song we sing at the end of every Whole School Gathering “Love Can Build a Bridge.”


Congrats 8th Grade and Good luck on your Educational  journeys.


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