Session 1 Electives 2015-16

 Composition Art Elective  
 We have seen some very interesting compositions in our Composition Art Elective with Jennie Wing.  The students have been creating some beautiful mixed media pieces with found objects. 

Greenworks Environmental 101   

 In Greenworks Environmental Ms. Christine Brown brought her “Worm-A-Way” composting system.  The students were able to see how worms create fertile soil and make a positive impact in the quality of our soil.   They also discussed the way  soil works with this experiment utilizing plastic bottles. It is designed to show how soil allows water to filter through, and which soil type will do best at filtering ground water.  

 Tae Kwon Do   

 Master Morris is able to keep his classes full attention at all times.  We are so lucky to have him and Asheville Sun Soo Tae Kwon Do in our community.  The philosophies taught in this elective are an extension of the movements they learn.   


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