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Electives: Session 2 2015-16

  In Drawing and  Sketching  with Jennie Wing students drew still lives. They practiced using their eyes to see value and shape as well as proportion.

STEAM Elective Built paper cars using cardboard, straws, plastic wheels, and hot glue guns. They used momentum to see which car could roll further.

In Aca-Awesome Sean and his students discussed their musical interests. They took turns listening to and discussing different types of music and what they might like to sing.

Wilderness survival elective scouted around the nature  trail for an ideal place to build. They discussed what that would look like and where the best spot would be.

Sensei  Rollo works on different moves in her Karakido class. Her students are yearning a series of movements which will become there kata.

IN partner dance students are working on different types of movements, like initiating a spin.



 In Session 2 of our Electives program students will have a few new electives options.  In First Hour we will offer Partner Dancing with CJ O’Reilly.  They will work on the fundamentals of non-pattern based partner dancing to a variety of Music. 

 Craig Shearer, our Basketball Elective Coach will offer Wilderness Survival. Craig is a graduate of the Air Force Survival School as well as an Eagle Scout.  Students will learn about survival kits, emergency first aid, orientation with compass, as well as back country hazards and how to stay safe in extreme situations.  

Sensei Carrie Rollow will be teaching our students Karakido; specifically the Sheno Kata a basic form of self defense.  This includes meditation, using your intuition to be more aware of surroundings, self-knowledge, and of course self-discipline.  

Jennie Wing will help students expand OR discover their drawing talent in her Drawing and Sketching Class. They will draw and sketch still life, abstract, human form and/or fantasy drawing. These exercises will develop better execution of perspective and shading.

In Second Hour we will have Aca-Awesome with Sean.  Students will explore different vocal sounds, sing harmonies, and develop performance skills  and overall musicality.  

We will also have  our STEAM Elective with Ashley.  Students will use science, technology, engineering, art, and math concepts to create and design a number of different projects. 

Music Specialist

Mr. Sean and his k-5 classes are working on Music for our FDNSC Winter Gathering, a fun program we put on every year in December to celebrate family, friends, and the beauty of Winter.  Our students have been learning songs on the orff instruments(xylophones and glockenspiels) as well as keyboards.  They are also singing music. Can’t wait to hear what they’ve prepared.