3-5 Art Specialist w/ Mr. Chris


  These paintings are designed after the Traditional Folk Arts of the Otomi Community who live in the mountains in the Mexican state of Puebla.  They are known for producing Mexican bark paper also known as “papel Amate.” They have produced this paper for centuries.  It is made from the bark of the Jonote tree which is related to a ficus.  The bark is soaked and cooked, to make it pliable. Then it is pounded with small rectangular stones, the softened fibers are then arranged and smoothed onto tablets,  and left to dry in the sun. 
We created our own “papel Amate” using crinkled paper bag which was lightly sprayed with black ink to simulate the beautiful texture of real papel Amate.  After seeing and discussing the traditional images of the Otomi the students agreed upon a few parameters to create a distinctive Otomi look. First, leave an obvious border to frame the painted image and bright colors which were outlined in black to help with contrast.  Great job friends.

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