FDNSC Spring Performance: All About Me

Wednesday May 11 we had our Spring Performance. The K-5 students put on a performance in collaboration with their directors Giles and Susan of Asheville Contemporary Dance Theater. The title of this piece is “All About Me.” The students told stories through dance. K-2’s stories covered the ranges of emotions. They told of times they felt frightened, excited, joyful, relieved, angry and even vengeful.  The students created all original dances that were named after each of them.  Their dances told the stories as well as conveying their emotions. The stories illustrate how experiences help the students learn and figure out who they are; “All About Me.” 

The 3-5th graders told different components of “All About Me.”  Their stories included some poetic dialogue that describes where they come from like “I’m from words pouring off a book,” or “I’m from up to down.” They also spoke of their ancestry. Some students told of their families military exploits while others spoke of distant relatives like kings and Vice Presidents to conquistadors and the first successful black dentist. Their dances were very fun and exciting, and the venue of the NC Arboretum made it that much more special.  

The “Family Tree” they designed was colorful and beautiful. The K-2 students designed the leaves and birds of WNC that were added to the tree at the end of the show. The 3rd and 5th graders added planes, trains, automobiles, boats, and flags. The 4th graders designed creative hats to represent what you see of them on the outside of who they are is to be matched only by what is in their minds and hearts.  We are very blessed to live in such a beautiful place and very lucky to have had the opportunity to  have our performance at the NC Arboretum. Thank you to the Arboretum folks who take care of such a wonderful place. Thank you to all the teachers, teacher’s assistants, and FDNSC community members for your support of FD students. And an especially HUGE thank you to Susan and Giles for continually creating wonderful stories and dances with FDNSC students.

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