Movement/Health with Miri

In Movement and Health with Miri students learn to work with each other using manipulatives like pillow cases and large swaths of cloth.  They do 3-legged traveling around the room by putting their legs into a pillow case. They had to walk forward and backward. Doing this forces them to collaborate. Then the students used the cloth in very creative ways. Some students ran with the cloth like a cape making sure to be aware of their surroundings for safety. Other students pulled their friends around the room as they sat on the cloth. They also used the cloth like a parachute and sat under them as two friends lifted and lowered them letting the air slowly drop the cloth onto them. At the end of class Miri has her students return to a peaceful state by lying down on the floor on a piece of cloth. She takes a sounding bowl and places it on their belly or back telling them to be aware of their bodies and feel the vibrations of the bowl as it rings. Our students love this class. They get to work out their wiggles and learn to be very aware of their bodies.

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