Session 3 Electives: STEAM, Aca-Awesome, and Greenworks.

In STEAM students worked on designing boats using tape, hot glue, straws, cardboard and foil just to name a few of the materials at their disposal. Ms. Ashley discussed the materials and their different strengths and weaknesses. The expectation was for students to design a boat to hold as many golf balls as possible before it would sink. One students boat was able to hold 16. 

Mr. Sean and students warm their voices in preparation for Aca-Awesome Elective’s demo at our Electives Fair. The students share all their newly gained skills and knowledge from Electives at the Electives Fair.

In Greenworks Environmental Ms. Christine discusses the effects of pollution. One way the effects can be seen is through  insects. The effects of pollution causes insect populations to rise and fall in ways that create imbalance in insect lifecycles. For example the imbalance causes over breeding of mosquitos, but slows breeding of their predators.

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