Archives for September 2016

In K-2 Spanish with Chris we learned about “los colores.” I had the students repeat each color after me.  Then I had them stand up and tell me one of the colors they are wearing. After this we went to our tables to work on a colors art project. Using different colored scraps of paper we created a mosaic in the outline of a bear. As the students worked I walked around asking them “de que color es” (what color is it)  as I pointed to each tile, they were able to slowly learn and remember many of the colors through repetition and listening. Great job amigos.

Aca-Awesome with Sean

In Aca-Awesome Sean and his students have been listening to and singing songs through a karaoke website. The students are discussing how covering a song can “can make it your own” by singing it in a way that is very different from the original. They have also discussed listening to “old people music” (as per one of the students) which led to a discussion of how much and how often popular music they are listening has been re-hashed from an old song. Sean was able to give them several example of songs they didn’t realize were covers from some of today’s most popular artists.

AcaStorytelling with Melody

In Aca-Storytelling Melody asked students what songs make them feel alive or gets them “hype.” The students were so excited to share there ideas. The students also discussed how you feel after singing. They said music can be a pick me up but also it can help to calm you down and bring you peace. The students enjoy singing in this fun positive musical experience. Great singing everyone.

Exploring Movement Elctive with Miri

In Exploring Movement Elective with Miri the students are creating games using pieces of colored cloth. This game was called flag tag. Each person was on their own trying to capture other people’s flags.  In another version it was a similar concept but a team effort. It is fun to come up with active games using critical thinking skills where the games are based on using movement as well as strategy.

Picture That: Digital Photograph Elective with Bruce Kennedy

In digital photography elective “Picture That” the students are discussing photography concepts. Bruce discusses the idea of capturing the key moment. Students will go off and take photos that help them practice capturing that “decisive moment” in photography which every photographer longs for. 

Iron Girls and Basketball Electives

Middle school Electives Basketball and Iron Girls are on the bus ready to go to their Electives classes. These awesome electives get to travel to their classes a other venues. The Basketball Elective goes to a super nice outdoor basketball court at the park to develop their skills. The Iron Girls Elective travel to a local gym to learn about Crossfit and workout. They also learn about concepts that develop their minds to be healthy, and worldly young women. 

Art Special with Mr. Chris: Art Element Line

In art with K-2 we learned about the art element of the line. We used the yarn to highlight the art element of line by sticking it to contact paper. Students use the yarn to create the different shapes and patterns which in turn created contrast and beautiful imagery.  It was also a test in patience but they realize that the final product is worth the tediousness. 

Movement Special with Susan and Giles of Asheville Contemporary Dance Theater

In Movement Special with Susan and Giles the students have been working on understanding the difference between abstract and literal forms of movement in dance. It is tricky to do a bird dance that doesn’t include a “flapping wings movement” which is very literal. Doing a series of hops and bobs could also be considered as literal bird type movements, but thinking about the interpretation of a bird soaring through the air and creating a sort of movement language that equates to bird concepts helps create a more abstract version of a bird dance. They have also been working on the idea of stillness in movement. This creates contrast between a movement conveying stillness and a movement showing fast, medium, or slow paced actions.  These studies in movement have our students learning expression through dance on a whole new level.

Electives: Original Art with Mr. Chris

This year I (Mr. Chris) got to do the original arts project with the Francine Delany Middle School students. We discussed the elements of art: color, shape, line, form, texture, space, and value. We looked at the Art of Hundertwasser and Klimt. Both artist use a great deal of line, texture, patterns and shape to create interesting contrast and space.  We also looked at Mexican bark painting and how there use of bright color and a frame makes a piece of art much more visually interesting. The top image is just one of the ways students utilized the skills and information they received to create something with great visual interest and overall beautiful works of art.

Music Special with Mr. Sean

In our first Music Special Mr. Sean had the students work on listening and crescendo with a noise game. Students played a singing version of hide n’ seek with a set of keys.  As the students got closer to the hidden keys the singing got louder as they got further the music got softer.