Specialists 2016-17

Our Specialist Schedule for the 2016-17 school year began Wednesday August 24 with Music. On Mondays (in Fall) we will have K-5 Spanish with Chris. We will continue our Spanish language learning using our Sonrisas Spanish curriculum, which utilizes art, music, and fun worksheet activities to teach Spanish. 

Then on Monday mornings in the Spring we will have Health/PE for 3-5 Grades with Marty. Marty will continue teaching her students about health and nutrition while also teaching fun games that encourage physical activity. 

Monday afternoons in the Spring we will have K-2 Health/Movement with Miri. Miri will have fun movement activities that help students understand safety and awareness through sensory games and activities. 

On Tuesday we will continue Movement with Susan and Giles of Asheville Contemporary Dance Theater. They will teach students about expression and story telling through movement. 

Wednesdays we will have Sean back for Music. Sean will teach utilizing tempo, rhythm and singing to create understanding about Musical concepts. 

Finally on Thursdays we will have Art with Chris. In Art we will cover the Elements of Art through exploration of color, shape, space, texture,value, and look at famous artists and the materials they used to create art while creating our own unique art.

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