Archives for January 2017

Spoken Word and Poerty with Melody

We had Jonathon Santos local musician, artist, and poet visit our class to help Melody talk about spoken word poetry.  He told the students about his influences and how he creates and generates ideas for poetry. Some students tend to work better with structure while others tend to be more free flowing. We are excited for some great poetry.

Music Special with Mr. Sean

In Music 3rd, 4th and 5th grades are learning cords on ukulele. Sounds so nice. It was little tricky and frustrating for some but it felt good when we finally got it. We are very excited for our new instruments.

Picture That Digital Photogrph Elective with Bruce

Bruce and his class have discussed taking images that highlight the concept of color. The’ve also discussed the concepts of time, aperture, and light. They talked about how to add light and how the lack of light is the cause of blurry images. Some ways to add light are by turning on lights, opening blinds, or using the flash. Excited to share some photos soon.

Spoken Word and Poetry

In Spoken Word and Poetry Elective Melody’s students discussed keeping a dream journal. Students shared some of their dreams and ideas. They are also writing a poem that is an ode to a personal hero or idea.  They have so many great ideas.

STEAM Elective

The STEAM elective used classroom tools to make simple machines. They discussed wheel and axle, wedge, ramp, screw, pulley, and lever.  They were tasked with moving the toy car from the table to the floor and back up to a chair then the table. They used 2ft of string and 4 in. Of tape. This was a very mind engaging activity.

Art Special: Dia de los Muertos

So fun designing these masks for Day of the Dead. I found a nice mask template on line and just created my own version of it. So many influential creators on the Internet. Thank you for the many inspirations.



In our Electives Fair the students and their teachers got to celebrate their new skills. In “Picture That” Digital Photogrphy  Elective with teacher Bruce students set up an exhibition of their beautiful Photogrphy.  Descriptions of the photography concepts they were exemplifying help describe the images.


In the Drawing and Sketching Elective Jennie Wing and her students also set up a beautiful display. They learned about many different drawing concepts including perspective, seeing, and proportion just to name a few. Great work everyone. 


Aca-Awesome elective did some great singing.  They discussed different types of music and talked a great deal about musical concepts. They worked on breathing and vocal exercises and worked together to agree upon which songs they would sing. 

UPCYCLING w/YaYa Wenning

In Upcycling with YaYa students created their own fashion designs from old materials that they “upcycled.”  They took a field trip to the Goodwill bins and picked out some nice gently used clothing and fabrics to create with. They put on a great fashion show with MC T. Looking good FD fashionistas.


In the Exploring Movement Elective the students did many movement activities that not only focused on moving outwardly but inwards with breathing exercises and exercises in stillness. They had many mindfulness activities as well. They shared one of these peace exercises with the audience in the Electives Fair.  Great job everyone.


In this elective Melody and her students discussed music and storytelling concepts. They also made connections to the many wonderful songs that not only sound great but share great stories. They wrote and shared an original storytelling song at the Electives Fair. Sounds great friends.


In Iron Girls Elective the students shared some of the exercises and info they learned in their Iron Girls experience. Each week they went to Asheville Crossfit where they were taught about Crossfit concepts as well as self image mindfulness and the ways our media create unrealistic expectations for our self image.  They also demonstrated some of the Crossfit exercises for everyone. Great job Iron Girls.