Session 1 Electives Fair

Greetings Everyone,

The Session 1 Electives Fair was electric. We started out with our Annual Teacher /Student Basketball Game.  

Basketball Elective with Coach Craig

The game was back and forth and very dynamic. You can easily tell that the Basketball elective students were well versed in the fundamentals of the game.  Great job to Coach Craig in teaching our students how to ball. They not only played well physically but you knew there minds took the game to a whole other level of excitement.

Movement Games Elective with Miri


In the Movement Games Elective the students shared about their experiences in their class. They loved the guided meditation that Miri gave. They also enjoyed the games that Miri taught them. Her games incorporate movement which keep the students engaged and enthusiastic about participating in this class.  Students also got to share and create their own games.

House of Iron Elective with Sarah Johnston of Asheville Crossfit

The House of Iron Elective shared about their experience working out at Asheville Crossfit with Sarah. They showed a video with some highlights of working out at Asheville Crossfit as well as some testimonials to the great experience learning about being active and fit. 

Drawing and Sketching with Jennie Wing

Jennie Wing and her Drawing and Sketching Elective set up quite a beautiful exhibit.  Their drawings are beautiful and will be hanging in the Dogwood building til the next elective fair.  

Protest Songs with Gabrielle

In Protest songs with Gabrielle students sang beautifully. They sang  some music from the Great Nina Simone. 

Slacklibrium with Jesse and Patrick

The Slacklibrium class demonstrated their new slack-lining abilities. They also shared about the mindfulness concepts they learned through balance techniques on a slck-line.  Great job friends.

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