Session 3 Electives: STEAM, Aca-Awesome, and Greenworks.

In STEAM students worked on designing boats using tape, hot glue, straws, cardboard and foil just to name a few of the materials at their disposal. Ms. Ashley discussed the materials and their different strengths and weaknesses. The expectation was for students to design a boat to hold as many golf balls as possible before it would sink. One students boat was able to hold 16. 

Mr. Sean and students warm their voices in preparation for Aca-Awesome Elective’s demo at our Electives Fair. The students share all their newly gained skills and knowledge from Electives at the Electives Fair.

In Greenworks Environmental Ms. Christine discusses the effects of pollution. One way the effects can be seen is through  insects. The effects of pollution causes insect populations to rise and fall in ways that create imbalance in insect lifecycles. For example the imbalance causes over breeding of mosquitos, but slows breeding of their predators.

Session 3 Electives 2015-16

We are into our third session of electives courses.  In this session we are offering Greenworks Environmental, Tae Kwon Do, Ultimate Frisbee, STEAM, Aca-Awesome Music Elective, and Straight Painting to Decorative Painting.  We also have Upcycling Fashion Design and Iron Girls.
The GreenWorks Environmental 101 elective with Christine Brown will teach students how to “love your earth. Want to learn how to protect it? Come hang out with Asheville GreenWorks educators while exploring recycling, composting, water quality, and natural resource management. Get dirty for a great cause!”

                                  TAE KWON DO W/ Master Morris of Asheville Sun Soo

Tae Kwon Do with Master Tony Morris of Sun Soo Asheville: “This will be an entry level class introducing the fundamentals of traditional Tae Kwon Do. 
Physical Development: balance, coordination, reflex, strength, stamina, muscle control, precision, accuracy, left / right distinction, flexibility, spacial awareness, basic self-defense…

Mental and Emotional Development: focus, concentration, compassion, empathy, self-respect, respect for others, responsibility / accountability, fundamentals of manners, safety awareness, bully-prevention, identity as a “martial arts” (aware, capable, humble, generous, true to personal principals)…

Spiritual Development: commitment to live in harmony and in the pursuit of”win-win” (not win-lose)… The class will be taught personally by Master Tony Morris, owner and head instructor at Asheville Sun Soo Tae Kwon Do ( Master Morris is an internationally certified 6th degree black-belt with over 30 years experience in martial arts and numerous technical and teaching awards. Master Morris additionally holds a BS in Chemistry, a Masters in Architecture, a 20 year career in architecture, international certification as a Business Coach and Trainer, and is a nationally renowned portrait artist.”


In Ultimate Frisbee Coach Craig Shearer says “The Ultimate experience in Ultimate Frisbee. Get your fit on and learn strategy and technique in this two hour course in Ultimate Frisbee. Live, Play, and Have Fun… Maybe too much.”


In ACA-AWESOME with Sean Donnelly: Students will learn the basics of a cappella from Mr. Sean in a comfortable group setting. We will explore the different sounds made with the mouth/voice. This includes beat boxing (Mouth Percussion). Also, singing harmonies will be a main focus for the songs we will learn. Not only will students see an increase in performance skills and musicality, but also in self-confidence, presence, and the ability to work as part of a team. No musical reading is required.

  STEAM W/ Ms. Ashley
The S.T.E.A.M. Electives with Ashley Merrill will learn about how “We use electricity everyday, but we rely on it more than we think. In this elective we will look different types of circuits and how they conduct electricity! We will build several different types of circuits before learning to solder, where we will apply our electrical engineering skills onto circuit boards. We will make motors spin, lights flash and music play.” 


Straight Painting to Decorative Painting with Jennie Wing is a “period of time that will be used to teach and practice professional painting skills, from the mundane to the creative! We will discover the skills that go along with Roller painting, trim painting, cutting in, and proper coverage. We will practice proper use of tools with applications of paint, decorative “faux” painting and clean-up.”

Iron Girls with Ms. Amber, Ms. Anne and Ms. Becca: “Want to help you develop your special strength, both inside and out! Iron Girls is a fun and exciting Crossfit Program just for you. You will be amazed at what you are truly capable of while having fun and getting fit with gymnastics, weightlifting and human power. @ Crossfit Asheville. ”

 UPCYCLING W/ YaYa Wenning
In UpCycling with YaYa Wenning we will learn from a Textile Artisan that creates one of a kind wearable art. Each piece is recycled materials that is usually old clothes, and upcycle them into something fresh and new.

Iron Girls W/Ms. Amber and Ms. Becca of Asheville Crossfit

In Iron Girls students will develop strength both inside and out.  Iron Girls is a fun and exciting Crossfit program. Students will learn what they are truly capable of while getting fit with gymnastics and weightlifting.

Electives: Session 2 2015-16

  In Drawing and  Sketching  with Jennie Wing students drew still lives. They practiced using their eyes to see value and shape as well as proportion.

STEAM Elective Built paper cars using cardboard, straws, plastic wheels, and hot glue guns. They used momentum to see which car could roll further.

In Aca-Awesome Sean and his students discussed their musical interests. They took turns listening to and discussing different types of music and what they might like to sing.

Wilderness survival elective scouted around the nature  trail for an ideal place to build. They discussed what that would look like and where the best spot would be.

Sensei  Rollo works on different moves in her Karakido class. Her students are yearning a series of movements which will become there kata.

IN partner dance students are working on different types of movements, like initiating a spin.



 In Session 2 of our Electives program students will have a few new electives options.  In First Hour we will offer Partner Dancing with CJ O’Reilly.  They will work on the fundamentals of non-pattern based partner dancing to a variety of Music. 

 Craig Shearer, our Basketball Elective Coach will offer Wilderness Survival. Craig is a graduate of the Air Force Survival School as well as an Eagle Scout.  Students will learn about survival kits, emergency first aid, orientation with compass, as well as back country hazards and how to stay safe in extreme situations.  

Sensei Carrie Rollow will be teaching our students Karakido; specifically the Sheno Kata a basic form of self defense.  This includes meditation, using your intuition to be more aware of surroundings, self-knowledge, and of course self-discipline.  

Jennie Wing will help students expand OR discover their drawing talent in her Drawing and Sketching Class. They will draw and sketch still life, abstract, human form and/or fantasy drawing. These exercises will develop better execution of perspective and shading.

In Second Hour we will have Aca-Awesome with Sean.  Students will explore different vocal sounds, sing harmonies, and develop performance skills  and overall musicality.  

We will also have  our STEAM Elective with Ashley.  Students will use science, technology, engineering, art, and math concepts to create and design a number of different projects. 

Elective Session 1: STEAM

In STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) our students learn about circuit boards and how to solder them. Ms. Ashley is a great teacher, she is so patient and very supportive as our students develop their understanding of STEAM concepts and specifically in this class how to solder these circuit boards.  I can’t wait to see what they do.  Thanks Ms Ashley.

Electives Session 1: Basketball

Coach Craig gets his basketball elective to run some drills at the Salvation Army.  They learn about basketball strategy and practice dribbling skills. Coach Craig is wise and knowledgable about the game.  Our students have a lot of respect for him and are lucky to have such a great Coach.  Thanks Coach Craig. 

Session 1 Electives 15/16

This year in our First Hour of Electives we have Exploring Yoga with CJ.  The students who’ve signed up for this class are excited to learn about and explore Yoga.


In our other First Hour Elective we have Tae Kwon Do with Elizabeth Goyer of Sun Soo Tae Kwon Do of Asheville.  She and Master Tony Morris will be leading this active martial arts class which also helps students develop strong minds and bodies.


Our last First Hour class is Greenworks Environmental 101 with Christine of Asheville Greenworks.  She is teaching students about our environment and doing experiments that highlight some of the simple things we can do to help us keep our environment healthy and strong.


In Second Hour Electives we have STEAM with Ashley.  STEAM stands for  Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math.  They will be learning about electricity and circuitry to design something cool.

image image

We also have Composition Art with Jennie Wing. She is teaching a mixed media design class where students learn about strong composition and design using found and recycled materials.


In Aca-Awesome with Sean our Music Teacher students are learning the basics of a capella singing as well as all forms of Music made with our voices.


In our 2 Hour Electives we have Iron Girls. Some of our 7th and 8th grade girls are taking Iron Girls with Asheville Crossfit.  They are learning some great lessons about discipline and a healthy body.

image1 image5 image6

In our final 2 Hour Elective we have Basketball with Coach Craig.  His students are learning the fundamentals of basketball.  They get to have a full basketball clinic experience from warm-ups and drills to full on scrimmaging.

image IMG_4467

Thanks to all our Electives teachers for sharing their passions. We are a very appreciative school too our strong and positive community.