Spring Performance: Environmental Awareness Movement  Project

  • Susan And Giles of Asheville Contemporary Dance Theater, Sean Donelly, the FDNSC Music Teacher and Chris Corral the Art Teacher at FDNSC collaborated along with the K-5 students and teachers in the creation of this moving “edutainment” piece.  Under the direction of Susan and Giles the art class created costumes from paper mâché and recycled paperboard boxes. Sean produced the score for the student’s dance which included sound effects from the his mobile audio lab. 
  •  In the beginning the earth is pristine and beautiful.  1st Grade’s dance represents this. They are caterpillars that transform into butterflies that dance with flowers.        
  • Fast forward.  Industry, progress and a desire to make things easy and convenient has led to a society of single serving plastic products that pollute our world. The 5th grade play the “trash people” and “recyclers.”  The unfortunate truth is we just don’t have enough recyclers to keep up with the trash people.           
  • After the trashing the rains come.  The 4th Graders do the dance of the rain.  The rain collects in the garbage which creates the perfect place for the mosquitoes to lay their eggs and reproduce.  The Kindergarten play the mosquitoes. The “Mosquito dance” shows the way people deal with mosquitoes as the 4th Graders come through doing the “Mosquito Exterminator Pesticide” dance.   This gets rid of many of the mosquitoes but not all, one Mutant pesticide resistant mosquito survives and creates a whole new set of pesticide resistant mosquitoes.                   
  • There are other Consequences for spraying these pesticides that helped create pesticide resistant mosquitoes.   The “Frogs and Bats dance” performed by the 2nd Grade show the frogs and bats that eat mosquitoes get sick which means less predators that eat mosquitoes and then we have to spray again.                  
  • 3rd Grade play the part of the birds and lizards. In their “Bird and Lizard Dance” we see the consequences for these animals as they are also exposed to pesticides. Though some of these animals don’t eat mosquitoes due to their predators being killed or made sick the extra mosquitoes lead to more pesticide spraying. Some birds and lizards die caused by pollution.                  
  • In the final scene we see the “Trash People” as they realize the folly of their ways.  They enter a metamorphic transition and rip away their trash bags and become accountable for their polluting lifestyles.  They clean up their world and do a dance of responsibility through recycling.                     
  • The K-5th grades did a great job in this fun outdoor traveling project that happened on the Francine Delany New School for Children campus.  We are so proud of how hard they all worked from creating their costumes to especially learning their dances.  Many thanks to Susan and Giles Collard  of Asheville Contemporary Dance Theater for directing such a beautiful show and giving so much time to FDNSC. Also much thanks to Sean Donelly for composing the music and doing the sound effects. And finally to the FD assistants who come to every Specialists class and help the students to remember what they’ve learned from week to week. Thanks to all the families and teachers that helped in gathering our recyclables to help with the production of the show.             

Music Special with Sean


In Music with Sean the students practiced rhythm and tempo first by clapping and then using our Orff instruments.  It was fun to play a song to the beat. Thanks Sean.

Art Specialists: Valentine’s Day 

In Art we did torn paper landscapes for our background. Then we made our Valentines Trees by tracing and cutting out our hands and stapling small strips of paper for the hearts. For our 3D hearts we folded our short strip of paper (3-4 in.) in half then stapled about a quarter inch in from the folded side. After that we gently unfolded the open end and stapled that together to complete our 3D hearts which were then edge dipped in glue and put onto the hand tree.  Some students came up with nice little details like birds and clouds.

Art Specialist

In honor of Black History Month we are designing our own story quilts based on the art of Faith Ringgold.  The students were very excited to think about an image that tells a story of a time in their lives.  First they will paint an image on Muslin cloth that tells a story then on the same type of cloth they will paint designs that will become swatches that complete the look of a quilt. All this will then be glued to a piece of felt as the backing.  We discussed History and how we celebrate different parts of our history at different times of the year. The students thought it was important to mention that all history is important all year despite the race, culture or ethnicity. What an insightful group of students. We’ll be post more pics as we work on our projects. 

Movement with Giles and Susan of Asheville Contemporary Dance Theater




The students warm up with fun and elegant movements led by Giles. They have been working on partner Dances in preparation for our Spring performance. The students enjoy the opportunity to learn dance and dance concepts like mirroring, echo, high, medium, and low levels and foremost creativity. K-5th graders are very engaged anytime Giles and Susan are around. Thanks for teaching Giles and Susan.



Spanish Specialist with Emma of Lango





The 5th grade has a great time with Emma of LangoAsheville. She keeps the class MOVING and fun. It is nonstop activities. The students enjoy playing a game called Tinga where an item is passed around while one student sings “Tinga, Tinga, Tinga, Tonga” stopping on tonga. Then the student left holding the item has to tell us what it is in Spanish. They also read a story in Spanish from the Lango book “Aventuras en Bicicleta” (Bicycle Adventures). Then finishing up with Bingo. 3-5th grades are always in for a treat with Ms. Emma and LangoAsheville’s Spanish Curriculum.

Art Specialists


This week our 3-5th grades created collages using a print technique called a transfer. They each did an image transfer of MLK using a sheet of paper covered with crayon. Then they colored, cut out and glued to a new sheet, using collage techniques thinking of the positive spirit of MLK and the Civil Rights Movement.

Art Specialist k-2





In K-2 Art we’ve been discussing Chinese New Year. We learned about the Dragon Dance, and how it is used to celebrate the Chinese Lunar New Year and to ward off negative energies and spirits. We made these dragons out of construction and tissue paper, and used markers to design their faces.

Art Specialist with 3-5th





This week we studied Wassily Kandinsky. We discussed who he was and where he came from. Then we looked at some of his Art and talked about how he tried to turn sound into a visual painting using shapes and colors. Since we have been working on our Elements of Art we have been discussing the elements of form, shape, texture and color. These pieces highlight the elements of form and texture.

Music Specialist Mr. Sean keeps his class engaged. 2014-15




With our new bucket band the students get to practice rhythm and tempo. The do call and response and learn about quarter, half, eighth and whole notes. Thanks for teaching us Mr. Sean!