FDNSC Spring Performance: All About Me

Wednesday May 11 we had our Spring Performance. The K-5 students put on a performance in collaboration with their directors Giles and Susan of Asheville Contemporary Dance Theater. The title of this piece is “All About Me.” The students told stories through dance. K-2’s stories covered the ranges of emotions. They told of times they felt frightened, excited, joyful, relieved, angry and even vengeful.  The students created all original dances that were named after each of them.  Their dances told the stories as well as conveying their emotions. The stories illustrate how experiences help the students learn and figure out who they are; “All About Me.” 

The 3-5th graders told different components of “All About Me.”  Their stories included some poetic dialogue that describes where they come from like “I’m from words pouring off a book,” or “I’m from up to down.” They also spoke of their ancestry. Some students told of their families military exploits while others spoke of distant relatives like kings and Vice Presidents to conquistadors and the first successful black dentist. Their dances were very fun and exciting, and the venue of the NC Arboretum made it that much more special.  

The “Family Tree” they designed was colorful and beautiful. The K-2 students designed the leaves and birds of WNC that were added to the tree at the end of the show. The 3rd and 5th graders added planes, trains, automobiles, boats, and flags. The 4th graders designed creative hats to represent what you see of them on the outside of who they are is to be matched only by what is in their minds and hearts.  We are very blessed to live in such a beautiful place and very lucky to have had the opportunity to  have our performance at the NC Arboretum. Thank you to the Arboretum folks who take care of such a wonderful place. Thank you to all the teachers, teacher’s assistants, and FDNSC community members for your support of FD students. And an especially HUGE thank you to Susan and Giles for continually creating wonderful stories and dances with FDNSC students.

Spring Performance Rehearsal: All About Me

Our students put on a Spring Performance every year with Susan and Giles of Asheville Contemporary Dance Theater. These are some photos of our rehearsal.  This year’s performance is at the North Carolina Arboretum.  The students created the dance moves as well as the Art for the show. In these images Susan and Giles work out some of the problems before the official show later that evening. 

Movement/Health with Miri

In Movement and Health with Miri students learn to work with each other using manipulatives like pillow cases and large swaths of cloth.  They do 3-legged traveling around the room by putting their legs into a pillow case. They had to walk forward and backward. Doing this forces them to collaborate. Then the students used the cloth in very creative ways. Some students ran with the cloth like a cape making sure to be aware of their surroundings for safety. Other students pulled their friends around the room as they sat on the cloth. They also used the cloth like a parachute and sat under them as two friends lifted and lowered them letting the air slowly drop the cloth onto them. At the end of class Miri has her students return to a peaceful state by lying down on the floor on a piece of cloth. She takes a sounding bowl and places it on their belly or back telling them to be aware of their bodies and feel the vibrations of the bowl as it rings. Our students love this class. They get to work out their wiggles and learn to be very aware of their bodies.

Health/PE Specialist

In Health/PE with Mrs. Marty students did circuit training. The were put into groups. In their groups they designed their own exercises and taught each other those exercises. They then did the circuit training workout using each other’s created exercises. They had a lot of fun.

K-2 Art Specialist w  Mr. Chris

K2 Students created backgrounds for their shape creations.  They used scissors glue and crayons/markers to come up with these pieces.  They learned big art words like foreground and background.  They were very excited to share stories that went along with their creations.

Art Specialist

3-5th Grade Art: Friedensreich Hundertwasser Inspired Art works   
We designed pieces based on The art of Friedenreich Hundertwasser, an Austrian painter who creates 2D images using colored line.  We discussed the elements of color and line and how they create shape and contrast. The results were beautiful.  Students used markers to create line patterns of color.


Movement Specialist

3-5th Grade Movement with Susan of Asheville Contemporary Dance Theater   
 The students have been learning the differences between abstract and literal forms of movement.  They are finding that it is more difficult than it sounds. In trying to distinguish the differences through movements they came up with some fun and beautiful dances.
K-2nd Grade Movement with Giles of Asheville Contemporary Dance Theater    

In Movement with K2 the students are learning about bones.  They did movements that isolate their bones through movement.  Students looked at a skeleton to help them better understand why and how our bones help us create beautiful dances.  After they each created a dance based on how a skeleton might  move.  A fun time was had by all.  Thanks Giles and Susan!

Spanish Specialist

In K-2 Spanish we’ve been working on greetings, the date as well as our colors.  We designed these fun little hand puppets to help us practice “hola y adios.”  The students have a lot of fun practicing their new Spanish language with their puppet friend ” la Mano.”  

Specialists: Art, Spanish, Movement and Music

This past week (Aug. 24-27) at Francine Delany the Specialist began. On Monday we had Art with Mr. Chris. We set up our expectations and began with a simple and fun project. The students designed leaves for our Art tree. We took coffee filters wrote our names in the center with a sharpie and then colored them with water based markers. We then used small plastic cups to set them on top of gently forming them to take the shape of the cup. Finally we used a nicely scented spray starch to spray them down with a nice even coating all around. This causes the marker colors to run Beautifully.

IMG_1375 IMG_1376 IMG_1372IMG_1390IMG_1391IMG_1387

Then on Tuesday we will be having Movement with Susan and Giles Collard of Asheville Contemporary Dance Theater.  They will be here the week of Labor Day to begin their Movement class that teaches students about Expression through movement as well as offering a bit of needed physical activity through a curriculum of Dance and Theater combined.

On Wednesdays K-5 will have Spanish with Mr. Chris.  “We’ve had a couple great classes. We started out with some great songs about greetings like the”Buenos Dias” song as well as “Cabeza, Hombros, Piernas, Pies” (heads,shoulders, Knees and toes).  The students have had a lot of fun with our mix of Movement, Music, Story and Art Activities approach to learning Spanish.

Then on Thursdays we have Music with Mr. Sean.  The students have been learning fun new songs as well as singing ones they already know.  Sean also teaches them rhythm and tempo using our Awesome Sounding Boom Sticks as well as our “Bucket” drums.  They also get to help him create beats through technology and his digital beat lab.  Finally they are playing songs on our set of Orff instruments; glockenspiels and xylophones and Sean has generously been sharing his keyboards.  Thanks Sean!