2017 Spring Performance

The Spring Performance was so peaceful and beautiful. The students created a beautiful program with the theme of “Pets.”  Susan and Giles of Asheville Contemporary Dance Theater helped them create and develop all the choreography and stories that were performed.  

The student art was also a correlated with the theme of pets. The set designs were based on the designs of totem poles created by the First Nations people of the Northwest. We discussed what totem or power animals were and what animals the students felt connection to.  They created beautiful images based on the Native American totem poles and animals. 

Thanks to all the teachers and staff of Francine Delany who support these students with their kind, understanding hearts. A special thanks to Susan and Giles of the ACDT. Their connection with Francine Delany is strong and helps perpetuate an inspired and inspiring community always. Thank you Susan who will be taking a step away from teaching to focus more on the Asheville Contemporary Dance Theater but will still always be a supportive force.  

Electives Fair: Session 2 Electives

SPOKEN WORD AND POETRY(pictured above)

In the Elective Fair the Spoken Word and Poetry class had an amazing presentation. They shared some great poetry and told everyone about some the poetry and spoken word concepts that they learned about. 

The Composition Art Elective with Jennie Wing had some beautiful creations on display. They learned specifically about the concept of composition which is the placement of the subject matter in a piece of art. In this class it was specifically about how the mixed media and found objects are placed in a diorama and or sculpture to create visual interest. Strong composition is a key component to the formula for creating great and visually interesting art.


In the STEAM Elective with Ashley the students created a Rube Goldberg Machine. In case you don’t know a Rube Golgberg machine is a contraption, invention, device, or apparatus that uses a chain reaction to accomplish a very simple task in a complicated manner. In this machine the students used a series simple machines (i.e. Pulleys, ramps, wedges, wheel and axle,etc) to pop a balloon. It took a couple tries but it was an effective ballon popper.  Students learned many STEAM concepts to create this masterpiece of engineering. Great job friends.


The Wilderness Survival Elective with Coach Craig taught about the many different survival concepts. First and foremost” don’t panic.” Coach Craig also taught different types of knots as well as structures that can be built for shelter. Students learned many different survival hacks that could be used if the need ever arose.


Picture that Digital Photraphy Elective had many great photos to share. Teacher Bruce had students looking for shots that covered a wide range of topics. Some of the topics were pictures of sky, animals, minimal info and a few others. We got to see many beautiful photos.

In the Modern Dance Elective Melissa the dance instructor created some original choreography.  Melissa gave each group of students a great deal of freedom to create. She does a great job of creating a fun and safe environment in which to allow students to express themselves. Her class facilitation allows for a beautifully choreographed piece of work that allows the students to take full ownership of their creation.

Music with Sean

Students in Sean’s Music class understand rhythm and tempo visually as well as through listening. Sean does a great job of offering a visual aid to understand how music works with a sequencer. They also do listening activities and games in which a student has to locate an object with the aid of the rest of the class.  As the students get closer to the object the rest of the class begins to hum louder and softer depending on how close the student gets. A great activity in understanding crescendos.  Music concepts taught this way are fun and engaging.

AcaStorytelling with Melody

In Aca-Storytelling Melody asked students what songs make them feel alive or gets them “hype.” The students were so excited to share there ideas. The students also discussed how you feel after singing. They said music can be a pick me up but also it can help to calm you down and bring you peace. The students enjoy singing in this fun positive musical experience. Great singing everyone.

Picture That: Digital Photograph Elective with Bruce Kennedy

In digital photography elective “Picture That” the students are discussing photography concepts. Bruce discusses the idea of capturing the key moment. Students will go off and take photos that help them practice capturing that “decisive moment” in photography which every photographer longs for. 

Music Special with Mr. Sean

In our first Music Special Mr. Sean had the students work on listening and crescendo with a noise game. Students played a singing version of hide n’ seek with a set of keys.  As the students got closer to the hidden keys the singing got louder as they got further the music got softer.

  Specialists 2016-17

Our Specialist Schedule for the 2016-17 school year began Wednesday August 24 with Music. On Mondays (in Fall) we will have K-5 Spanish with Chris. We will continue our Spanish language learning using our Sonrisas Spanish curriculum, which utilizes art, music, and fun worksheet activities to teach Spanish. 

Then on Monday mornings in the Spring we will have Health/PE for 3-5 Grades with Marty. Marty will continue teaching her students about health and nutrition while also teaching fun games that encourage physical activity. 

Monday afternoons in the Spring we will have K-2 Health/Movement with Miri. Miri will have fun movement activities that help students understand safety and awareness through sensory games and activities. 

On Tuesday we will continue Movement with Susan and Giles of Asheville Contemporary Dance Theater. They will teach students about expression and story telling through movement. 

Wednesdays we will have Sean back for Music. Sean will teach utilizing tempo, rhythm and singing to create understanding about Musical concepts. 

Finally on Thursdays we will have Art with Chris. In Art we will cover the Elements of Art through exploration of color, shape, space, texture,value, and look at famous artists and the materials they used to create art while creating our own unique art.

FDNSC Spring Performance: All About Me

Wednesday May 11 we had our Spring Performance. The K-5 students put on a performance in collaboration with their directors Giles and Susan of Asheville Contemporary Dance Theater. The title of this piece is “All About Me.” The students told stories through dance. K-2’s stories covered the ranges of emotions. They told of times they felt frightened, excited, joyful, relieved, angry and even vengeful.  The students created all original dances that were named after each of them.  Their dances told the stories as well as conveying their emotions. The stories illustrate how experiences help the students learn and figure out who they are; “All About Me.” 

The 3-5th graders told different components of “All About Me.”  Their stories included some poetic dialogue that describes where they come from like “I’m from words pouring off a book,” or “I’m from up to down.” They also spoke of their ancestry. Some students told of their families military exploits while others spoke of distant relatives like kings and Vice Presidents to conquistadors and the first successful black dentist. Their dances were very fun and exciting, and the venue of the NC Arboretum made it that much more special.  

The “Family Tree” they designed was colorful and beautiful. The K-2 students designed the leaves and birds of WNC that were added to the tree at the end of the show. The 3rd and 5th graders added planes, trains, automobiles, boats, and flags. The 4th graders designed creative hats to represent what you see of them on the outside of who they are is to be matched only by what is in their minds and hearts.  We are very blessed to live in such a beautiful place and very lucky to have had the opportunity to  have our performance at the NC Arboretum. Thank you to the Arboretum folks who take care of such a wonderful place. Thank you to all the teachers, teacher’s assistants, and FDNSC community members for your support of FD students. And an especially HUGE thank you to Susan and Giles for continually creating wonderful stories and dances with FDNSC students.

Spring Performance Rehearsal: All About Me

Our students put on a Spring Performance every year with Susan and Giles of Asheville Contemporary Dance Theater. These are some photos of our rehearsal.  This year’s performance is at the North Carolina Arboretum.  The students created the dance moves as well as the Art for the show. In these images Susan and Giles work out some of the problems before the official show later that evening. 

Health/PE Specialist

In Health/PE with Mrs. Marty students did circuit training. The were put into groups. In their groups they designed their own exercises and taught each other those exercises. They then did the circuit training workout using each other’s created exercises. They had a lot of fun.