Session II Electives Fair and the BagMonster



Greenworks Environmental 101 Elective class created an acronym for Greenworks. It explained all they learned about in this class. They learned positive environmental responsibility, and about the many environmental resources we have in our community such as Greenworks. “The BagMonster is made of the amount bags a single person uses in a year….. It must be in the hundreds! Friends please recycle your bags by bringing them to Ingles Grocery Store and switch to re-usable cloth bags. : )

No Name Calling Week Celebration





Our students and teachers are so insightful. They learned about and taught each other about so many great anti-bullying techniques, advocacy, kindness, labels, generosity as well as what may cause a person to be a bully. We also learned about the SAFE strategy, Say what you feel, Ask for help, Find a friend, and Exit the area.

No-Name Calling Week Kick off




Our No Name Calling Week Celebration was very informative. We learned about the causes of bullying as well as some very disturbing statistics about why people are bullied. We also heard from a student that was a victim of bullying. Above all we learned about advocacy and being an advocate from a former FD student who has done some great advocacy work at her own school.

FDNSC Winter Gathering

IMG_3799 IMG_3802 IMG_3817

Our Winter Gathering was fun. The K-5 all had great performances and sang beautifully. The Chili Dinner and Bake Sale put on by our Francine Delany PTO went smoothly also.  Thanks to all our students, teachers and of course Families who make our FD Community so wonderful.

Winter Gathering Rehearsal with Mr. Sean

IMG_3755 IMG_3756

The Second Grade along with K-5 practiced their Winter Gathering Music with Mr. Sean the day of our Winter Gathering.  They sang “One Day” by Matisyahu as 5th Grade played their Orff instruments and then they sang “Three Little Birds” by Bob Marley.  Great Jobs Friends!

IMG_3767 IMG_3777


The students rehearsed in the Arts Room by themselves and with their Duet class and then we had a Whole School Rehearsal for the entire group to get a feel of how it was going to be that evening at the actual Winter Gathering which was held at the Pillar in Downtown Asheville. The students are so excited.

Whole School Gathering with our Sister School from Vallodolid, Mexico

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Our Whole School Gathering welcoming teachers from our Sister School in our Sister City of Vallodolid Mexico was beautiful.  Our students sang for our Guest Teachers. The Music was Warm and Welcoming which is how we hope our Special Guest felt. Bienvenidos!