FDNSC Specialists Program 2016-17


 This year our Francine Delany Specials will begin August 24 with Music.

Mondays (fall semester)- In the first half of the year we will have Spanish on Mondays with Chris. We will be learning Spanish through our new Spanish curriculum called Sonrisas Spanish. It utilizes Music, Art, games, and activities to teach Spanish.

Tuesdays- On Tuesdays we will have Movement with Susan and Giles of Asheville Contemporary Dance Theater. In this class students will learn about expression through movement as well as having an opportunity to move their bodies. This experience will end with our culminating Spring Performance.

Wednedsays- We will be Music Special with Sean. He will teach the students music concepts through singing, games,and fun rhythm activities. The Music Special will also create the culminating Winter Gathering.

Thursdays- On Thursdays we will have our Art Special with me (Chris). In Art Special the students will learn about the elements of Art and Design. Our Art class will follow these concepts throughout the year as well as connecting them to the Principles of Design.

Mondays (Spring)- In the second half of the year on Monday mornings we will have Health/PE for 3-5th Grades with Marty. Marty is a fitness instructor who gets our students moving through sports and obstacle courses designed to challenge. Students also learn about Nutrition and how to make healthier choices. Monday afternoons in the second half of the year K-2 will have Health/PE/Movement with Miri. In Miri’s class students will learn through, movement, and sensory games as well as nutrition activities that help students be aware of making  nutritious choices.

Have a great School Year,


Chris Corral

Arts Coordinator

Francine Delany New School for Children

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