STEAM Elective

The STEAM elective used classroom tools to make simple machines. They discussed wheel and axle, wedge, ramp, screw, pulley, and lever.  They were tasked with moving the toy car from the table to the floor and back up to a chair then the table. They used 2ft of string and 4 in. Of tape. This was a very mind engaging activity.

Art Special: Dia de los Muertos

So fun designing these masks for Day of the Dead. I found a nice mask template on line and just created my own version of it. So many influential creators on the Internet. Thank you for the many inspirations.



In our Electives Fair the students and their teachers got to celebrate their new skills. In “Picture That” Digital Photogrphy  Elective with teacher Bruce students set up an exhibition of their beautiful Photogrphy.  Descriptions of the photography concepts they were exemplifying help describe the images.


In the Drawing and Sketching Elective Jennie Wing and her students also set up a beautiful display. They learned about many different drawing concepts including perspective, seeing, and proportion just to name a few. Great work everyone. 


Aca-Awesome elective did some great singing.  They discussed different types of music and talked a great deal about musical concepts. They worked on breathing and vocal exercises and worked together to agree upon which songs they would sing. 

UPCYCLING w/YaYa Wenning

In Upcycling with YaYa students created their own fashion designs from old materials that they “upcycled.”  They took a field trip to the Goodwill bins and picked out some nice gently used clothing and fabrics to create with. They put on a great fashion show with MC T. Looking good FD fashionistas.


In the Exploring Movement Elective the students did many movement activities that not only focused on moving outwardly but inwards with breathing exercises and exercises in stillness. They had many mindfulness activities as well. They shared one of these peace exercises with the audience in the Electives Fair.  Great job everyone.


In this elective Melody and her students discussed music and storytelling concepts. They also made connections to the many wonderful songs that not only sound great but share great stories. They wrote and shared an original storytelling song at the Electives Fair. Sounds great friends.


In Iron Girls Elective the students shared some of the exercises and info they learned in their Iron Girls experience. Each week they went to Asheville Crossfit where they were taught about Crossfit concepts as well as self image mindfulness and the ways our media create unrealistic expectations for our self image.  They also demonstrated some of the Crossfit exercises for everyone. Great job Iron Girls.

In the Exploring Movement Elective with Miri students moved and played games. It was a very dynamic class exploring all forms of movement from calm, soft movement too excited and nervous movement. They even created games specifically designed to make them move. They made different forms of tag using all different types of props.  At the end of class Miri lead her students in breathing exercises designed to create a feeling of peace.  Thanks Miri!

Music with Sean

Students in Sean’s Music class understand rhythm and tempo visually as well as through listening. Sean does a great job of offering a visual aid to understand how music works with a sequencer. They also do listening activities and games in which a student has to locate an object with the aid of the rest of the class.  As the students get closer to the object the rest of the class begins to hum louder and softer depending on how close the student gets. A great activity in understanding crescendos.  Music concepts taught this way are fun and engaging.

3-5th Grade Art with Mr. Chris: Line Element of Art with Yarn

In 3-5th grade art we created colorful string dot designs. In this lesson we talked about the element of line. Students discussed how line is directly connected to several other elements of art, like shape and space. We created a fairly large circle on the back of a piece of thick paper board. We then used texture combs to paint a background to add depth to the front of our pieces. After this we used thumbtacks to place sixteen equidistant holes around the circumference of the circle to thread colorful yarn through. We used big thick tapestry needles for the threading. It took some wiggling with the tapestry needles to get the holes big enough to thread the yarn throughout the circle. I showed the students the different types of lines you could create. This info came from another art teachers blog called Cassie Stephens: A String Stitched Dot for Dot Day.  The types of designs she shares are radiating lines which start at one point and go to and from that start point to all the other holes in the circle. Then there is a spectrum line which is similar to the radiating line but goes to a limited number of holes in the circle as opposed to every hole like in radiating line. Finally there was rotating square which is a repeating square that rotates around the circle in every fourth whole.  They are beautiful. I am grateful for other great art teachers who share creations and inspire others.  I am also very proud of our Francine Delany artists who do everything I ask even when they’d rather do something else sometimes.

K-2 Movement with Giles

In K-2 Movement with Giles the students did the Bumpy Bus Ride game. In this game the students follow the movements of Giles to simulate how your body leans as the bus goes around curves and over bumps. The students love this game and it requires  them to pay close attention to what the “driver” is doing. They also created statues with their bodies that needed to show low, medium, and high levels.  They are so expressive with their frozen body shapes.  

In K-2 Spanish with Chris we learned about “los colores.” I had the students repeat each color after me.  Then I had them stand up and tell me one of the colors they are wearing. After this we went to our tables to work on a colors art project. Using different colored scraps of paper we created a mosaic in the outline of a bear. As the students worked I walked around asking them “de que color es” (what color is it)  as I pointed to each tile, they were able to slowly learn and remember many of the colors through repetition and listening. Great job amigos.

Aca-Awesome with Sean

In Aca-Awesome Sean and his students have been listening to and singing songs through a karaoke website. The students are discussing how covering a song can “can make it your own” by singing it in a way that is very different from the original. They have also discussed listening to “old people music” (as per one of the students) which led to a discussion of how much and how often popular music they are listening has been re-hashed from an old song. Sean was able to give them several example of songs they didn’t realize were covers from some of today’s most popular artists.

AcaStorytelling with Melody

In Aca-Storytelling Melody asked students what songs make them feel alive or gets them “hype.” The students were so excited to share there ideas. The students also discussed how you feel after singing. They said music can be a pick me up but also it can help to calm you down and bring you peace. The students enjoy singing in this fun positive musical experience. Great singing everyone.